Thirsty? Find a drink. Here is a place to put it and something to enjoy while you hydrate. Parched is a coaster-based board game in which two competing players race to irrigate their hop or coffee bean farm. The octagonal coaster game pieces are reorganized by opponents through a card laying mechanic to create a blue line of waterway edges from the water source to their respective end coaster.

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The Story

Reseco is a country with a rich history of brewing coffee and beer; however, recent drops in rainfall and redirection of water to a burgeoning kale and avocado industry are causing ripples across an increasingly arid landscape. The people are parched and so are their crops: beans and hops. Determining where the limited water gets directed is problematic, to say the least. Koffee Kings and Best Buds Hops find themselves at the center of the problem. These two highly regarded operations are in direct conflict, because they draw from the same water source and use overlapping fields to bring the much need water to their farmable land.

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Parched Beta Mockup