The Worthwhile Journey

I am working on a novel that explores mental health as an ongoing journey through a fictional setting called the Worthwhile. What was previously a pair of novels has been intertwined to create a more coherent work. While it follows different characters into the same fictitious world, the novel itself constitutes a journey for me as an author and a journey that you, the reader, are invited to embark on yourself. You are invited to read excerpts from my most recent versions of the novel.

I am not currently represented by an agent - if you have any interest in representing me or know someone who might be, please don't hesitate to contact me through whichever mode you find most comfortable.

The novel opens following the adventures of young boy named Robert: with his trusty stuffed monkey, Bungle, at his side, he leaves behind what he knows and discovers more to be confused about. To get a taste for my style read this excerpt from the opening of the novel. Expect major revisions before this one hits the shelves.

This novel explores the realities of mental health struggles through the lens of a fictional journey. It is an honest portrayal of my own experiences and my ongoing journey through what I sometimes wish was a fictional world. Whether or not you are also plagued by crippling self doubt... the Worthwhile is calling you. Jump into the middle of the text with this pair of excerpts that showcase the protagonist in a familiar world and an unfamiliar one.