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Charlie Labuz of Labuz Creations

Labuz Creations is a brand representing the varied works and products created by Charlie Labuz (DBA Charlie is Creating); therefore, at the moment, Charlie Labuz is Labuz Creations. The freedom this gives for an independent creator is reflected in the unique products that are beginning to be sold under the Labuz Creations brand.

Charlie Labuz is a creator and former High School English Teacher in the Seattle area. Charlie received his BBA in Finance and English from the University of Notre Dame. He received his Master of education from that same institution through the Alliance for Catholic Education. While he is currently in Seattle, he spent two years teaching in Donaldsonville, La and is originally from Chicago, IL. He draws on his experiences in each of these unique locations as well has his ongoing mental health journey in his writing. He does not aim to recreate through his art, but rather to convey more clearly the experience than a direct recreation could. In this way, he aims to make his fiction more truthful than the idealized narratives and images we so often prefer to share.

He is currently focused on the production and distribution of his debut board game, Parched. This creation was funded successfully using Kickstarter and will lay the foundation for future sales of creations. Simultaneously, Charlie is working to find representation of his fictional novel, The Worthwhile – not to mention tinkering with any number of projects that catch his attention from day to day.

While the Labuz Creations brand only currently represents Charlie’s creations, the intention is to create a platform and build capital and PPE so that additional creators can launch their own work under the Labuz Creations brand – Labuz’s and potentially others.


He also has a tendency to drop his friends on the dance floor - so don't necessarily trust him when he says, "I got this."

An Update on my Journeys - Post from 2019

You may have noticed that I have begun a more focused pursuit of my creative goals. This is the next step in a lifelong dream to create, but also a step on a parallel path – my mental health journey. I went on medical leave from my teaching position at Redmond High School beginning in February in order to better address my newly diagnosed depression and anxiety. It has been a productive time for me. I feel better than I have in a long time and I am slowly building my resilience. A pivotal part of this process was the development of my novel Writing Assignment, a fictional work that explores mental health in a Narnia-esque fictional world. 1 in 5 adults will undergo some struggle with mental health and our high schools are floundering through their own unique mental health crisis, so maybe someone will find my writing relatable. While it is classified as fiction, it isn’t untrue. The novel is nearing completion and I am beginning to think more about the editing phase and eventually the publication process.

This post has a twofold purpose: 1) to begin sharing my story and contribute towards the effort of reducing the stigma associated with mental health struggles, and 2) shameless self-promotion. Today I published my personal website which will serve as a space for me to offer updates on the novels in progress – yep, there are actually two – and to share my other creative efforts, including linocut printmaking, but you know that... because you're here.

I’m on a journey and I’m fortunate to have the support and accompaniment of friends and family. I invite you to join in this journey through my writing, which isn’t always mental health oriented, and to bravely take steps on your own journey, whatever that might be.