Charlie is

Charlie is _Who_?

I'm working on answering that question myself. I do know I am a creator. My first couple years out of college helped me discover that I loved working with a tangible product. Now, I have my hands on the keyboard and ink on my fingers. It might be a hobby or it may turn into career: either way, I want to share my creations with you. I have been writing and printing up a storm as is evidenced by my coffee bill and the linoleum shavings on our carpet. I am building my own brand through my creations: Charlie is Creating™. Enjoy the fruits of those labors and check here for a more complete bio.

I began my first novel when I was eight. Now I'm 26 and I'm working on getting representation for my novel. Get a taste of my writing style through The Collector shorts and excerpts from Transistor Radio.

Parched has officially been funded through Kickstarter. I am focused on that game at the moment, but there are other ideas at various states in the pipeline.

I began printing linocuts... quite recently. It was intended to supplement my writing with reproducible illustrations, but it's beginning to take on a life of its own.